7:45 pm 
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Freestyle – August 2024

A freestyle evening is the place to try out all those new moves you have learnt during your classes and also to dance with more people of all levels and abilities. There are no classes, just 4 hours of varied music for you to dance, socialise and have fun; as after all, that’s what it’s all about!


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Cossington Village Hall

On 12 November 2011 Cossington Village Hall was officially opened by local children and Mrs Mary Bell whose generosity in providing the land had greatly helped the project to progress.

The Hall comprises of the main hall named Trivetts Hall after the farm on which the hall was built and a smaller meeting room named the Broderip Room after the once Lord of the Manor who had provided the land for the original Memorial hall. Off these are a large fully equipped kitchen and a spacious stage with excellent sound and lighting equipment.

Since opening, the hall has gone from strength to strength with many organisations using the hall for regular activities and various ad hoc events taking place throughout the year.