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In 1991 a group of independent dance teachers joined together to promote ‘LeRoc’ as the generic term for French Style Jive. Informal meetings took place to develop new moves and exchange ideas. As the group gained momentum, a series of highly successful promotions attracted both new business to classes and interest from established dance bodies, especially the UKA. By 1996 LeRoc was becoming so popular that it was decided to create an examination system for teachers as well as a medals system for students, so that the public could be assured of obtaining a high standard of teaching.
A fun, versatile teaching approach
A wide spectrum of methods are used for teaching LeRoc. It is often offered in a club style environment, taught in numbers of 100 plus and it lends itself well to this method as it is, after all, a club dance. Like line dancing, reeling etc. it is great fun when learned and danced in a large group. In such classes the fast moving, party atmosphere must be maintained so teachers condense their instruction into skilful cueing of the moves. Some teachers choose a more academic approach, with greater attention to detail, while others cater for both casual dancers, through club-style evenings, and serious pupils through workshops and individual tuition.
The Federation recognises that both ends of the spectrum – whether just for party fun or in pursuit of championship perfection – are equally valid. We realise that when teachers want very large numbers through their doors they must tailor their teaching methods to suit the market. It is important for us, in The Federation, to remember that LeRoc is a fun, party dance and so we should keep a fun, social approach to our teaching.