Welcome To Riviera LeRoc...

LeRoc (or Modern Jive as it’s also known) is one of the fastest growing partner dances in the UK.

Influenced by many dance forms, LeRoc can be performed to a wide variety of music from the 40’s to the naughties.
This includes modern pop, swing, seductive blues and sexy latin.

Riviera LeRoc organise dance classes & monthly events in Taunton.


Founded by Gary Marsden, Riviera LeRoc uses fully qualified UKA Approved Teachers, so you get expert advice and great value from your Modern Jive Dance Lessons.  Every evening lesson is highly suitable for beginners, because the routine assumes no previous knowledge, and does not ‘follow on’ from the previous week.

Wiggle Wednesdays….. Our famous once a month mid week fun night… One class followed by 2 hours of freestyle dancing and socialising.

Monthly Freestyles and themed party events, which are listed in our Diary, ensure that everything you have learnt in our lessons can be put to good use on the dance floor.  Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced dancer, you will be certain to find many people to dance with.  With a varied mix of music and experiencing the social atmosphere that dancers are known for creating, you will be coming back for more, time and time again.

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